Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clockwork - WIP Part 2

After getting set up, I started dotting at the right side (because I'm left handed, this is the most obvious place to start) with a .25 Rapidograph pen. It's a tiny, tiny nib but this piece is so detailed, I want to get it right. Getting started:
Although it's incredibly time-consuming, I find stippling to be very stress-free and actually almost meditative. Every dot matters and I love having the time to consider where to darken, where to even out a line with a few dots. Much more comfortable than watercolor where I constantly feel rushed. (Identifying items in the photo: on the left is my tracing and beginning stippling, a piece of tape marking the 10" border and edge of the paper, then the "original" black and white photo close at hand for reference. My original will never look as dark as the copy I'm using as reference because my paper is white and the copy paper isn't.)

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