Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog Fur Exercise

This is a small colored pencil piece done from an Ann Kullberg kit. I've wanted to learn how to depict fur with colored pencils and this seemed like a better idea than taking an entire class just to learn about fur. She sends out a reference photo, step-by-step instructions on colors to use, blending techniques, and photos taken at 5-6 stages, including the finished drawing. It was a fun little exercise and although my dog's fur doesn't look as fine as her dog's does, I'm fairly pleased. I need to take more time, sharpen my pencils oftener, and start concentrating on individual hairs earlier in the process.


  1. Very well done, Susan. You are quite the patient artist to focus on individual hairs like that. You achieved beautiful results.

  2. Susan, I love this piece. The fur is totally believable, as is the wet nose! You have infinitely more patience than me!