Saturday, November 7, 2009

Southern Utah Scene

Hesitate to even post this as it's so beginnerish, but I did want folks to know I'm still plugging away, trying to learn and have some fun. Took a photo of some great red rocks near my brother's house in Kanab, Utah. I've tried painting this in watercolors a couple of times--failures. Yesterday I was fooling around with some pastels (I only have 14 colors) and decided to give this a try. It was such a gorgeous day here I moved everything out onto the patio and worked on this in the sun and breezes (so as not to choke to death on pastel dust). I have a lot to learn about pastels!! I think I need pastel pencils, not sticks, as I can't get a sharp edge to save me and the blurry edges frustrate me. At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it on such a beautiful day.


  1. Susan, you may think this amateurish but I don't. You achieved beautiful tones and I like the way you simplified some of the shapes. Good use of color and values. Can't wait to see what you do with pastels, next!

  2. Susan, like Ann, I see nothing "beginner-ish or amateurish about this work. You have a wonderful contrast of lights and darks! Never hesitate to post something that you have painted - I post even my worst mistakes - it helps me realize that each painting is a learning experience.

  3. Well I think you did a really lovely job for just getting started in pastels. Bravo