Saturday, November 14, 2009

2nd Place Intermediate Division - Intermountain Society of Artists Fall Show

I was pleased to walk into the fall show opening tonight and see that my "Sandwich Bag III: No Leftovers" had won 2nd place, intermediate division. Apparently they didn't call any of the award winners in advance for this show, so I was completely taken by surprise (didn't even take my camera, so there's no photo of me with a goofy grin standing by my painting). I was so pleased! The Members of Merit of the ISA (professional artists who have won many major awards) aren't allowed to take part in the fall show, so it's not so overwhelming and makes everyone feel like they have a more equal chance to win when they're not going up against some of the biggest names in the area. The artwork was still very high caliber and it was a very nice honor to take an award.

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