Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sandwich Bag III: No Leftovers

This 6x9 colored pencil piece was done as a semi-serious challenge from Jaytee on Painting Friends. I was lamenting that Linda Lucas Hardy does plastic bags and there's another colored pencil artist who does paper sacks--what's left?!? Jaytee suggested I put the paper sack inside the plastic bag--so I did! Colors are richer in real life. I didn't do much heavy blending on this one, mostly on the fork and a little less so on the plastic bag. Wish Prismacolor would come up with a really beautiful golden brown--I find myself frequently looking for just this color and end up having to blend to get what I want. The paper sack is yellow ochre, burnt ochre, light umber, dark umber, and a little black.


  1. Ok I'll be the first. Susan you out did yourself on this one. Bravo

  2. Wow! Susan,, this is great! It is so realistic.