Saturday, September 5, 2009

Working out the artist's block

Tried a challenge on Painting Friends that really was a challenge for me--depicting copper in colored pencil. The colander and apples were sitting on a white soft cloth (batting?) and I used a light lavender to depict the folds, depressions, etc.--unfortunately, I can't get it to show up in the scan. I used a colored pencil "recipe" for copper by Janie Gildow and Barbara Newton, including colors such as black grape, terra cotta, pink, tuscan red, pale vermillion, and even jade green!

The difference in color between the apples on the cloth and the apples in the colander is intentional: the apples in the colander definitely looked cooler in color, the apples on the cloth warmer (reflecting more white??).


  1. Ok Susan I'll be the first to say Bravo. Really like how you did this.

  2. Well done, Susan. I looked at the challenge picture in Painting Friends a few days ago and told myself:"No way I can paint this copper!"