Friday, April 9, 2010


I've spent a couple of frustrating weeks working with pastels...nothing to show for it at all. Took a photo of this gander this morning at Wheeler Farm. He was standing on one leg when a little girl ran toward him. He stretched his head up and was about to give her a warning honk. I loved his long neck and his almost ballet-like stance. Pastel on white velour paper. May have gotten a bit carried away with the background...I may try this on another surface later.


  1. I just adore this. Talk about striking a pose just for a photo.

  2. You cought a perfect moment! This looks good!

  3. great one, I really love when there is a story behind the painting. O only started my "adventure" with drawing last year in sept...And I love it!! my little blog if you want to pop in sometime
    I love the sandwich bag too and the rest. :D