Saturday, March 13, 2010

30-Minute Pastel - Bunny

Still working away with pastels, having some fun and trying to loosen up. Found a little gem of a book, "30-Minute Art, Pastels" by Margaret Evans and it's been a real inspiration for me to just jump in and try some things! This baby bunny is one of three I did yesterday (there are more colors in him than really show up--the shadow area on his side is actually two grays and a light and a dark violet). I took the photo a few years ago when my daughter and I went to La Caille, a Salt Lake City French restaurant set on many acres with their own vineyard, peacocks and other exotic birds, gardens, etc. There were rabbits laying around under trees here and there, with several babies--so tiny and sweet! Anyway, back from my sentimental journey...just wanted to post something to show that I'm still here and keeping busy. Trying to get geared up for a serious colored pencil piece next.


  1. Susan, what a darling bunny rabbit.I especially like how you painted the delicate ears.

  2. Hi Susan! Check out my blog ... I have an Award for you :)