Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green Vase

Colored pencil, 9x12. This one was MUCH more difficult than I anticipated. I've spent a frustrating week on it and glad to be done. The reference photo I took was actually of the vase sitting on my kitchen floor--white tiles with black grout. I didn't want the lines in the final drawing, so I had to do all the reflections in the glass while leaving out the black lines. In some places (particularly in the cut glass areas) it was almost impossible to tell what would be happening in a certain space if the black line wasn't there! Whew! Moving on...


  1. Susan, that was quite the challenge you set for yourself. The resulting painting is beautiful - the reflections inside the vase are stunning.

  2. Susan I love this piece. I've just rewarded you with the Sunshine Award. Please come to my blog to get it.

  3. Your reflections are beautiful and I love the background.