Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pine Cone

I've wanted to paint the bottom of a pine cone for years (this one's a combination of a photo of a pine cone I found years ago and one I picked up off the ground last week). Love the symmetry! The color in the photo isn't perfect, but it's close to the original (there's no real difference between the bottom and top halves of the painting and, as usual, the stippled pen work doesn't show up). In the end, I'm a little disappointed--it seems uninteresting to me. I think now that I should have shown the edge of the pine cone, not just the bottom. Another time--on to the next project! 8x10, watercolor, pen & ink.


  1. Susan,
    This is beautifully intricate. Without the title, it may have taken me some time to guess what it was - but, this could be part of the appeal of this painting! It is beautifully painted and I love your darks especially in the lower part of the painting.
    It would be interesting to see this picture hanging with one of the full cone and maybe oneof the top view of the cone...

  2. Thanks, Christiane! In real life, the color difference between the bottom and the top of the painting isn't there--it's much more even overall. Don't know why the photo came out that way.

  3. WOW Susan this is really good. I love the shadows you put in at the top right hand side.

  4. Wow Susan, I think this is fabulous! You might not have been thrilled with it, but I think you've depicted that amazing natural symmetry perfectly. It's the kind of thing I'd love to do, but don't have the patience for!