Thursday, June 4, 2009

Old Barn

A few years ago while driving in Centerville, Utah, I happened to glance down a little side road and saw this terrific old falling-down barn. It had so many great textures: rock, weathered wood, metal, cement... I took a few photos and I'm glad I did because I drove by in April and they've torn it down. Did a close-up watercolor of this a long time ago, but actually think I like this pen & ink sketch better.


  1. I think this is much more than a mere sketch... rather, it is an ink painting, with as much fine art to it as anything done in acrylics or oils... there's a lot of contemplativeness to it, and a lot of thought went into the rendering of it... well done!

  2. Thanks Robert. I appreciate that very much coming from someone whose work I admire so much.